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Although we are proud that our drivers have been given the title “guide drivers” for their wealth of information, we do not permit them to accompany you during your duration in the historical sites, with the exception of an emergency. It is our pleasure to provide private tour guides for the individual or all historical sites at your request.
Parma – A gourmet tour

Emilia Romagna region is considered to be the heart of Northern Italian food. You will spend your day explore the different tastes of this region, visiting the production sites of some of Italy's famous Prosciutto di Parma ham and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

After you are greeted at the port by your English speaking driver, you will make your way via the countryside into the region of Emilia. First stop is the production area of Prosciutto di Parma near the city of Parma in a private factory. Here, and only here, can genuine Parma Ham be produced that follows the traditional and genuine method for centuries. You will go on a tour of the making of the ham, learn the four ingredients that are necessary to produce it and visit the magical aging cellar. Then of course it is time to taste it as well, they will offer you lunch with three different pasta dishes local to the area with base of Prosciutto di Parma.

You have now the afternoon to visit the famous cheese factory of Parmigiano Reggiano, the cheese that is protected by the European Union and can only be produced in a restricted area, including the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena. Beside tasting you get a tour and visual how this special cheese is made step by step, learn more about the history behind it and the aging process and of course to taste it as well before heading back to the port of La Spezia.

Please note that you will be part of a group tour entering the Prosciutto factory as the aging cellar needs to be switched off before allowing anyone to enter and that can only be done limited times in a day.

All rates are payable in cash (Euros only) at the end of the tour. Traveler's checks are also accepted with an additional commission fee of 10%. We do not accept credit cards.
Services include pickup from and drop-off back at your cruise ship in one of our luxury vehicles by an English-speaking driver.
Lunch, gratuities, and any entrance fees to attractions are not included. Also please note that we may change the order of the itinerary at our discretion.

Note: Because of security and lack of space in the port of La Spezia, all vehicles are forbidden from entering the port. You would need to take a shuttle to exit the port and your driver will meet you where the shuttle stops.

Price per Person

1 Pax

600 Euro

2 Pax

300 Euro

4 Pax

162 Euro

6 Pax

125 Euro

8 Pax

100 Euro

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